The Fort Harmony Historical Society
Artifacts - Our Peek into the Past of Fort Harmony

The Fort Harmony Historical Society (FHHS) President Karen Platt examining the Fort after the foundation was exposed.

"I was surprised to find pieces of artifacts protruding from of the piles of dirt that was removed from the Fort Foundation"

Artifacts are like clues, these bits and pieces provide precious parts of the puzzle that archaeologists can put together. Under the scrutiny of a trained eye little parts of pottery, tools, utensils, and personal belongings can give insight to the time and the people who used them.
Was this pottery shard part of an expensive piece of imported china? Maybe it was carried by handcart over many of miles before reaching this destination.
After further excavation by the BYU archaeology team in the near future we should see more of these pioneer artifacts come to the surface.

This is a sample of artifacts found at the Fort Harmony site after excavation of the Fort foundation. This collection of pottery and dish shards are currently on display at the New Harmony Library. With this new library right next door to the Old Fort Harmony site you'll also get a first hand observation of the Fort condition..

Visit our map here to get directions to the library.



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