Fort Harmony Days
Fort Harmony Days Dinner May 23, 2008

The Month of May has been established as "Fort Harmony" month.

A three day celebration included the following events.

1. A kick-off dinner

2. A community celebration

3. Monday Memorial Service at the Fort


Dr. Lyman Platt gives an introductory dinner speech and thanked those who have contributed generous funds and or given many hours of volunteer time to the restoration project of the Fort. This special dinner was attended by over 40 dedicated individuals from the New Harmony area..

Each year interest in increasing and more people are volunteering to help the restoration process move forward. During the past 12 months we have had over 50 local residents come forward to help with the fort clean up as well as promoting the cause through different government and media channels.

Fort Harmony Days Celebration May 24, 2008

All had a fun time at the Fort Harmony Days celebration! The location was moved into the New Harmony Church Cultural Hall due to the colder weather, but this did not dampen the evening. Many activities were provided for the kids as well as the adults.

The kids were encouraged to wear pioneer attire and the girls to compete for the title of "Miss Fort Harmony"

The wheelbarrow races were great fun with the kids. The winners received $10.00 prizes each for the races.
Wheelbarrow Races
A $25 prize prompted even the adults to enter into the fun games of running the wheel barrow.
A pie eating contest was the favorite for the kids as well as the adults

The contest to find a little person to be named "Little Fort Harmony" was a surprise as the judges came up with a tie.  The movie for the evening was "Enchanted" and we sat and ate popcorn to finish the event. The Fort Harmony Historical Society wants to plan this and other events as it is so much fun to see the children and their families involved in community.

The purpose of "Fort Harmony Days" is to pay honor to the courageous pioneers who settled the remote and mostly "unexplored" Utah Territory. During the 1850's this was considered "Indian Territory" - and it took very brave souls to venture forth.

"Little Miss Fort Harmony Winners"
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