April 18th, 2007 Minutes


April 18, 2007

Meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.

Attendees were: Lyman and Karen Platt, Margaret Pfaffenberger, Jim Maxwell, Boyd Fenn, Berdean Schlosser, Roger Simister Vernile and Sharon Prince and Kay Daun Edwards. Edwina Jones attended for a discussion on the Reader’s Theater, and Juli Danis attended as a new member.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

After discussing the need for a historian to keep a detailed history of our activities Sharon Prince was nominated to be Historian. The second nomination was for Juli Danis to be Secretary and to take minutes of the meetings for posting on the website.

A name list of the members of the Fort was distributed to the members.

Web Site

The webmaster Roger Simister reported on the progress of the website. The site is being completed but will need additional photos. Members will try to submit the appropriate photos they can find.

Memorial Gardens

The memorial gardens project is progressing. Pete Turpin has agreed to design the garden and help with construction. Gary Pfaffenberger, Rick Heffelebower and James Brown will help with the plants. Also, Margaret Pfaffenberger will ask her daughter to assist.


The John D. Lee statue and the Native American statue will be the first statues to be placed in the garden. The memorial wall may be able to be done by a local person, Jerry Walker. Karen will check with Jerry to see if he can do it.

Committee agreed to include on the memorial wall names of Kanarraville pioneers up to the year 1869. Lyman Platt is gathering names.


Karen has written a proposal for the archeological dig to begin. The proposal will be submitted to Utah State History for $27,000 for one month’s work. Another proposal for next year is ready to be submitted to the Hemingway Foundation. This proposal will be for 6 months work. The archeological dig will be on the south side.

Site Identification

Site identification could be completed by a group using a GPS to scout out the valley on ATVs. Several possible sites were mentioned such as the canal system, the position of the five stream capture, the old road from Kanarraville, etc. Vernile Prince has a GPS unit and will assist with this project.

Readers’ Theatre

Edwina Jones reported on the progress of the Reader’s Theater. The date is set for July 21st. We can use the same site as last year because the special needs permit is good until September. Tickets will be pre-sold. Entertainment will be free, and there will be a cost for the dinner which will be chuck wagon style. Desserts could be provided by local businesses. Margaret Pffafanberger will head up the food committee, and Margaret Vowles was suggested for costumes along with Merry Nay. A PR person is needed, along with someone to head up the entertainment, and the music. Suggestions were cowboy poetry, dancing, pioneer stories from the valley and possibly a 5K run. A good mike system is needed and Bishop Ford’s system was suggested. Edwina will return in two weeks to report on the progress.

Al Cooper Presentation

The Al Cooper presentation concerning the Civil War and how it pertained to Utah will be held on Friday, April 27, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at the New Harmony Library. Flyers will be placed around the valley to encourage attendance.

Open Discussion

Lyman Platt requested time sheets be filled out by the members reporting their individual volunteer hours. Margaret will prepare a new time sheet. Time will be tracked for two weeks before being turned in. Travel time can be counted. Last month’s time sheets still need to be completed by the members and turned in.

A cad drawing of the site has been prepared by Jane White. She will be invited to the next meeting to present the drawing.

Our next meeting will be held May 2, 2007 at 4:00 p.m. at the New Harmony Library.

The meeting adjourned at 5:10 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Juli Danis

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