May 16th, 2007 Minutes


May 16, 2007

Attendees: Lyman and Karen Platt, Margaret Pfaffenberger, Jim Maxwell, Roger Simister, Berdean Schlosser, Vernile and Sharon Prince, Dorothy Torgerson, Boyd Fenn, Edwina Jones, Gayle Cloud, Searle Jones, Jane White and Juli Danis.

Meeting called to order at 4:00 p.m.


Minutes of the meeting held May 2, 2007 were emailed to the committee members. Submitted changes were made and the minutes will be signed and posted on the website. A motion was made by Lyman Platt and seconded by Karen Platt to accept the minutes with the requested changes.

Presentation of CAD Drawings

Jane White showed her CAD rendition of the project. The committee discussed various aspects of the drawings and suggestions were given. A wagon wheel style was suggested, with the Native American statue in the center, and the Lee statue near the memorial. Jane will print color drawings for inclusion in the history and in preparation for the visit to Elder Bateman and President Orton.

Searle presented a scaled drawing of the fort and reviewed the historical layout with the committee. During the discussion, it was requested that the CAD drawing by Jane show the catwalk at three feet wide and the other walkways at five feet wide.

Financial Report

Donations are beginning to come in from interested parties from St. George who are learning about the project. As soon as the Articles of Incorporation are complete, we can be approved as an official historical society. Until that time, all donations will need to be channeled through Vicki, RC & D, Five County Association. Jim indicated the Articles would be complete within two weeks.

Al Cooper Presentation

The next presentation is scheduled for May 25th at 7:00 pm on the topic of Pioneer Emergency Preparedness. 25 seats were reserved for attending committee members. Future presentations were discussed and Lyman suggested inviting four local families at a time to present their family histories. The presentations would be approximately 15 minutes each. Other topics suggested were the role of pioneer women in Utah’s history and the Pony Express. The committee was in agreement to sponsor these presentation topics.

Pioneer Recollections

Edwina Jones met with Karen and Margaret to review her plans for the Pioneer Recollections. She has written a script and has names of people in the community that may be contacted to perform that night. Fort Harmony Days will have a Run for Fun, Library Story Time, vendors, table for FHHS projects, pre-show and supper as for now. Plans will be finalized in the near future.
Pioneer Names

More and more names are being added for the memorial list. It is very difficult to obtain all the correct names and use the correct spelling. A suggestion was given to add a notation on the memorial apologizing for any errors or omissions and our desire to correct them if requested. The Lee family have submitted 500 names from their organization to send out requests for funding.
Acquisition of Property

Jim reported that the LDS Church is willing to consider donating 30 acres of land to the project.

Mapping Project

Vernile has prepared 10 sites to map: Upper Fort Harmony Ditch, DUP Monument, Military Training Camp Site, Fort Harmony, Old Harmony Original Settlement, Peter Leap Road, Lee Cemetery, Lower Fort Harmony Ditch, Old Fort to New Harmony Road and Lime Kiln. Other sites were discussed. A motion was made by Sharon Prince and seconded by Jim Maxwell to accept these 10 sites for mapping.

Time and Mileage Sheets

Margaret distributed time and mileage sheets for the committee members to complete for their volunteer work.

Lee / Redd Family Contact

The Platts have received 500 names from the Lee family, and have been asked to speak at their reunion. Some of the family members have been contacted. They are still working with the Redd family.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is to be held June 6th at 5:00 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

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