June 20th, 2007 Minutes

June 20, 2007

Attendees: Lyman and Karen Platt, Jim Maxwell, Roger Simister, Vernile Prince, Boyd Fenn, Margaret Pfaffenberger, Sharon Prince, Berdean Schlosser, Dorothy Torgerson, and Juli Danis.

Meeting called to order at 4:05 p.m.


The meeting held May 6, 2007 is available on tape.


Lyman reported the account balance is at $689.14. All pending videos sales have been finalized. Sharon offered to do some advertising to help increase video sales.


Vernile has made arrangements with his father for a taped interview. Roger will set the date and make arrangements and notify Vernile and the Platts.

A taped interview was held with Verna Davis and Karen reported on the fond memories she shared with them about the area. A CD will be made available of this interview.

Lee Family Donations

The Lee family has provided a list of approximately 500 names for us to solicit for donations. The letter was distributed to the committee and changes were noted, along with a request for any other suggested changes. The postage will be donated by the Lee Family. The letter was approved for distribution by the committee.

Special Use Permit

A visit was made on the 26th to the Washington County to present the site plan for the memorial garden and the CAD drawing of the fort to update our special use permitt. We paid $150 last year for our permit, and it will be good until September 2007. To use the electricity from the Library for the July 21st activities, we need permission from the Planning Commission, which we are seeking. We will also need to reserve the Library for some of the activities.

Weed Control

The growing weed problem was discussed. Dave Davies has offered to spray the weeds, as well as the County weed control person. Using a pre-emergence was suggested to eliminate future germination. Karen will contact Herb Schlosser to discuss the possibility of mowing the weeds.

Archeology Dig

Karen reported the proposal for an archeology dig has been sent to the County which will cost $3,000 and we may need to come up with matching funds. It will cost approximately $55 per hour. It is important to get underway with this so that people realize we are serious about continuing with the project.

Site Plan

Rick Heflebower has agreed to be the head designer for the garden plan, and will be meeting with Jane White to add the garden plan to the CAD drawing. The wagon wheel idea was discussed once more and a concern raised that it
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June 20, 2007

may not be a feasible idea and cumbersome to the landscaping that will be done. It is has significance to the project but will be discussed further with Rick.

The Redd Foundation has been contacted to request donations of $25,000 for the Indian statue, and will donate $10,000 for the plants in the park.

Vernile reported that all sites have been recorded with the GPS and needed help with just a few more sites. Jim Maxwell and the Platts will assist with these.


The Castle Valley Pageant Book was displayed for the committee. It was noted that our pageant book should be more historical and focus solely on this area. Kray Mecham has given approval for the pageant to be held on the Church grounds, as long as the landscaping is not disturbed.


There have been no new video sales. An order form is available on the website under the link entitled “Media Store”. The website now contains the site identification trip with photos and stories. Roger asked for suggestions on other items to include. Jim Maxwell has about 50 photos which he will give to Roger. A table for video sales will be set up at the Fort Harmony Days on July 21st. The committee expressed special appreciation to Roger for his contributions to the project.

Bulletin Board

Vernile will put together a poster with the artist rendering of the Fort and the CAD drawing. A nice bulletin board needs to be considered for display about the project placed here at the Library.

Fort Harmony Days

Get acquainted tables will be available to vendors along the street, with donations requested for those selling. Rose Mentzel is organizing a pre-show. Other ideas suggested were the Cooper horse and buggy, and the Fenn’s family trained horse that does tricks. There will be a pioneer village including a teepee and possibly some native dancers. Dinner will be held in the parking lot. A tent was suggested for a refuge for the elderly from the sun and wind.

A pioneer meal is planned of ribs or shredded beef, beans, green salad, rolls, cake, and either lemonade or rootbeer. A charge of $8 was suggested for adults, with a lower price for children. It was decided the food would be served to each guest to help control portion sizes. If this meal is hearty but not too expensive it will encourage people to return in the future.

The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

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