June 27, 2007

Members present: Jim Maxwell, Lyman and Karen Platt, Vernile Prince, Roger Simister, Edwina Jones, and Kay Edwards. Members excused: Margaret Pfaffenberger, Juli Danis, Dorothy Torgersen, Sharon Prince.

Meeting was conducted by Jim Maxwell. Kay Edwards served as temporary secretary.

Report on Meeting with the County Officers by Jim Maxwell

Jim met with John Willey on June 26, 2007, about the proposed program for the 21st of July; the
plans for the event were approved. In addition, Jim learned that the County Attorney will not be doing the Society’s legal work. It will be necessary for us to hire our own attorney or find someone who is willing to work for us pro bono. Jim has already contacted a couple of attorneys and will report back to the Board on this matter at a future meeting.

Report on Aug 21st Program by Edwina Jones

A cast has been selected, rehearsals have started, and everyone involved is excited about the program. The exact site where it will be located has not yet been determined, but the scripts are done and rehearsals are on-going. Anna DeMille will let Edwina know about the music on July 1. Karen Platt, Edwina Jones, and Rachelle Colvin have had mini-meetings about the pioneer village for kids, the horseshoe pit, quilting bee, horse and buggy rides, etc., and a map of the tentative outlay of the site was presented. About 15 tables have been lined up for persons who may wish to have their own displays to enhance getting acquainted and sharing experiences. If sales are made by these participants, the Board expects them to make a contribution to the Society since this is a fund-raising event. Both a $25.00 fee and a 10 percent of sales fee were discussed, but no final decision was made as to the amount expected.

Discussion of Dinner Plans by Karen Platt

The menu for the dinner was set as barbeque ribs or shredded beef, Vernile’s baked beans, tossed green salads (to be donated), rolls, and a drink. New York cheese cake will be purchased from Cosco and served for dessert along with a fruit topping, probably strawberry. Karen will look into the possibility of also having corn-on-the-cob. People are to bring their own tables and chairs. Dinner will be charged per person or per family of a given size; the specific amounts have yet to be decided.

Tents or canopies will be erected to provide shade. Purchase prices were discussed. It was decided that Vernile will donate the use of his tent canopy and the Platts will donat the use of one they intend to purchase for their personal use.

Report on FHHS Days, meeting with County officials, Friday Lecture Series, and Memorial Garden was made by Lyman Platt

1. A meeting will be held on June 28 with Kenny Canfield, who has been authorized to clean up the site. Decision will be made as to what he will do and what Society volunteers will do. Dodd Grear will come for the final clean up.

Fort Harmony Historical Society Meeting Board Minutes Page Two
June 27, 2007

2. The Friday Lecture Series on June 29 at 7:00 p.m. will feature Lyman Platt discussing “Pioneer Women.”

3. At 5:00 p.m. today, Pete Turpin, Jane White, and Rick Hefflelbauer will join the relevant Board members to work on plans for the Memorial Garden. Pictures of the Memorial Garden at Kanab, Utah, were shown and everybody agreed they look very much like what we would like to see in the Fort’s Garden. (Rick Hefflebauer joined the meeting at this point).

Meeting with Washington County Planning Commission was reported by Karen Platt

The Washington County Planning Commission was very positive about the plans for the Fort fund-raising event. Electricity, restrooms, water, and weed clean up were authorized. It was noted that a small piece of Lot 3 is owned by a private party and the County cannot authorize its use. A berm will be erected by Kenny Canfield to protect the Library building.

In addition, Karen reported that she and Lyman attended the Fire Commission meeting at which everyone was warned about the extreme risk of wild fires. She has also received copies of letters sent to Brigham Young about Fort Harmony. They will be posted on the Fort website.

Website report was made by Roger Simister

An interview is scheduled on the 28th of June at 10:00 a.m. with Darce M. Prince. Roger, Vernile, Lyman, and Karen will conduct the interview. There is a story on the website about the dishes, and Roger will add the three items he received today.

GPS Lecture and Fort sign project were discussed by Vernile Prince

Vernile will present a Friday Lecture Series program on the GPS system. The sign is approximately 3' x 5', and is constructed of 3/4" masonite. It is being built to show the plans for the Fort Harmony project, but may not be finished in time for the 4th of July parade. It will be completed by the 21st of July. A canopy will be built over the posts, the sign will be covered by plexiglass, and it will be removable so that it can be used by the Board as needed for advertising. It was suggested that John McDonald be contacted about putting his Hummer in the July 4th parade with advertising about the Fort’s fund-raising event on it.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


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