July 25th, 2007 Minutes



Minutes of Fort Harmony Historical Society
July 25, 2007

Present: Lyman & Karen Platt, Edwina Jones, Kay Edwards, Boyd & Della Fenn, Vernile Prince, Jim Maxwell, Margaret Pfaffenberger, Berdean Schlosser

Time of Meeting: 4 PM

Lyman Platt conducting.

Purpose of the meeting was to evaluate Fort Harmony Days held July 21, 2007.

Comments follow:

Kay: Suggested it be held in May or September because it is too hot in July. Collecting the money and serving the meal went well. Program was good to have after the meal. The heat was a real problem.

Karen: Requested $180-0 to buy tents if they get the property. Also, we need to consider A Senior Center first them an outdoor theater with a cover.

Kay: Suggested getting a guest artist.

Lyman: Table the vote to change the day.

Margaret: Suggest ed we support the Harmony Heritage Day in September.

Lyman: He said Julie wanted a leave of absence. On August 8 will be the monthly lecture on Home Schooling by Solomon’s Rock’s and Smith’s.

Lyman: Suggested changing the monthly lecture from Friday to Thursday the last week of the month.

Margaret: Reported that expenses for FHDays was $624.65. Took in $1172.84 with a balance of $548.19 plus some money that hasn’t come in. We fed 145 people. The menu was beans, water & pop with meat. We had rolls and coleslaw. Suggested we keep the beans for next year but change the meat.

Lyman & Karen: We will store the extra plates, napkins, paper for tables and silverware

Lyman: We had $714.19 to deposit.

Edwina: She had expenses of about $70.00.

Kay: Suggested we advertise more and get a tax exempt status. We need 2 shifts to serve food, have events closer together.

Karen: We need tents for next year.

Margaret: Suggested building the pavilion in stages.

Body Fenn: Suggested an air building.

Vernile: Suggested hold it on Labor Day or Memorial Day.

Edwina: Suggested doing things to get more people here.

Vernile: Suggested special parking for handicapped, food closer, table & chairs on Blacktop, sun was too hot, move the time back, play for the stage needs to be higher.

Edwina: Suggested having the play after dark.

Karen: Decide on a place where there is power and have the county put in a power box. Plan for stage and background early.

Della: Reported there were no teenagers, we need to get them involved.

Margaret: Suggested having crafts for children to make and take home, contests, pie eating, need tax exempt number and we could get donations. We should have food and pre show overlap. Anderton’s have a band, include them. Also, involve Bill Carr.

Edwina: Need to get people committed to the play.

Della: Suggested Fiddlers & Square dancing groups. Line up people 6 months ahead. Let other people write the script.

Karen: Pageant should be more than one day.

Jim: Suggested play up John D. Lee.

Lyman: John D. Lee Family Reunion would be on Sept. 8. The Lee family has given them a ½ hour to explain what the organization is doing here in New Harmony. On Sept. 11, the Lee Family will attend the Mountain Meadows Day at the site.

Karen: Some Redds showed up and they will make a report and present to their group for funding in February.

Lyman: They want to clean inside the Fort by Sept. 11, if we can get the county to help us or some other group to pull weeds. Richard Talbott from BYU will be coming in September.
Next year have more children involved. Advertise in the newspaper, Kolob Editorial page and write up articles. Use of variety of people, all of the community, not just LDS>

Meeting Adjourned at 5:30 PM.

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