March2,, 2008 Minutes

2 March 08

Meeting held at the New Harmony Valley Library at 4:30 PM

Attendance: Karen Platt, Lyman Platt, Jim Maxwell, Boyd Fenn, Roger Simister, Sharon Prince, Rachelle Colvin, Vernile Prince.


There was discussion of the 501 C 3 paper work to be submitted that our lawyer has submitted to us for review. A vote was taken on officers and paid employees..

A vote was taken on directors and officers have to be appointed or voted in office.

A vote was taken on no paid salary positions.

Margaret Pfaffenberger has resigned. Also resignations can be expected from Kaye Edwards (she spends most of her time in Salt Lake), Hal Torgersen, Della Fenn and LuJeane Maxwell.

Discussion occurred to nominate officers. They were voted in as follows:

Organization Officers:

L. Karen Platt, Chairman-Board of Directors

James Lee Maxwell-President

Vernile Prince-Vice President of Museum/Cultural Center & Donations Coordinator

Boyd Fenn-Vice President-Asst. To President

Mac MacDonald-Vice President of Volunteers & Site Keeper

Edwina Jones-Vice President of Community Events

Lyman D. Platt-Chief Financial Officer, Historian

Roger Simister-Webmaster, Media Specialist

Rochelle Colvin-Secretary

Sharon G. Prince-Historian, Asst. Secretary

Dorothy P. Torgersen, Asst. Tres., Secretary & Asst. Historian

Berdean Scholosser-Liaison to New Harmony Town & Asst. Sec.

Given the resignation of several on the Board of Directors, the following will constitute our current Board of Directors:


L. Karen Platt, Chairman Board of Directors; 2191 South 2200 East, New Harmony, UT 84757

James Lee Maxwell, President,1854 East Highway 144, Box 563,New Harmony, UT 84757

Lyman D. Platt, Financial Officer, Historian, 2191 South 2200 East, New Harmony, UT 84757

Sharon G. Prince, Historian, 134 East Center Street, Box 522, New Harmony, UT 84757

Dorothy P. Torgersen, Tres., 658 North Harmony Drive, Box 615, New Harmony, UT 84757

Boyd Fenn, Vice President, 445 Harmony Drive, Box 577, New Harmony, UT 84757

Vernile Prince, Vice President, 82 East Rachel Lane, Box 505, New Harmony, Ut. 84757

Roger Simister, Webmaster/Media Specialist, 2874 S. Old Hwy 91, New Harmony, UT 84757

Berdean Schlosser, Town Council, 66 E. 100 S, Box 515, New Harmony, Utah 84757

Board of Directors function is separate from officers. Karen made a motion that Board of Directors appointed to vote on officers.

Mac M. Second the motion.

Vernile accepted Vice President position over Museum/Cultural Center and Donations.

Karen proposed we have more than one vice president and suggests Mac be a vice president over field operations. Mac accepts.

Karen has some jobs that she hasn’t time to do.

Vernile will decide on what kind of building to put up.

Vernile will be in charge of donations along with Jim Maxwell. They will work together.

Boyd will be Jim’s assistant.

Dorothy is to let Karen know what she wants to do. Lyman proposes she help/be in charge of the histories of the people who lived in the Fort, Asst. Historian.

Lyman is a an LDS Missionary now and is committed to 4 hours a day in missionary work.

Karen propose we vote in the officers of the corporation. Rachelle read proposed positions and we voted on.

Unanimous vote for positions and no salary.

Nothing will change until/unless Board of Directors meet to change it.

Boyd said Board of Directors must meet at least annually.

Karen will follow-up with contacts to all Board Members.

Karen submitted a proposal that we not make a decision on building until we get more information. She will estimate the cost for the proposal. She will submit the grant to Congressman Jim Matheson’s office in a timely manner.

Karen will produce names for Jim Crawley and Richard Talbot for donations to archaeological dig.

Trust Public Lands - Barry Nash told Brian Cottam that they wanted to take on our project but couldn’t get anyone to fund it. Brian will talk with TPL for up-dates and suggestions.

A reminder: Solicitation for funds must be under the umbrella of Resource Conservation and Development. That is the only way we can solicit for funds. RC&D is the corporation for a 501 C 3 we are operating under. Contact person is Vicki Tyler.

We will apply for a solicitation permit when we receive our own 501 C 3 status.

The next lecture will be a 7 PM at the library on March 27, 2008. The speaker will be Gary Dixon on the Pony Express.

All FHHS meetings will be the second and last Thursday of the month at the library at 4:30 PM. Vote was unanimous.

Edwina Jones is working on a power point presentation. She and Lyman and Roger will work on getting it right. Power point presentation was presented. Boyd Fenn suggested a new Fingers picture. Other suggestions were made. Edwina will make corrections.

Meeting adjourned at 5:35 PM.

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