April 10th, 2008 Minutes


Fort Harmony Historical Society Minutes
April 10, 2008

Meeting started at 4:30 PM
Meeting held at the New Harmony Valley Library

Those is attendance: Lyman & Karen Platt, Dawna Ferris-Rowley, Rachelle Colvin, Sharon Prince, Boyd Fenn, Roger Simister, Edwina Jones, Vernile Prince and Jim Maxwell.

Topics of Discussion:

Boyd Fenn expressed a desire to give thanks to Karen for all she has done for the Fort. He observed that a lot has been accomplished and it was because of Karen. Karen, in turn thanked everyone for being so supportive.

Vernile agreed and expressed concern that when Karen & Lyman are not around, FHHS might be in jeopardy. Karen expressed her concern also and said that she has been working on the longevity issue. She has talked to several people about it, some of the State people suggested we tie into SUU, USU, the county or state. We need a sponsor that will advise us and keep the activities going if need be.

Jim Maxwell wanted to know if all signatures for 501 C 3 had been signed and submitted. Karen responded that all paper work is in order and up to date.

Jim said that he is working with the county and others to secure property. Karen reported that she asked the lawyer and others and we can own property even though we are to keep our budget under $10,000.00. Jim feels confident we can expect the Schmutz family to support us.

Karen introduced Dawna Ferris-Rowley. She is a Harmony Valley resident and an archaeologist and has agreed to help us as her time permits. She works for BLM in St. George but want to help us accomplish our goals. Fort Harmony agreed is she will serve as resident archaeologist, we will work around her schedule.

Lyman reported that he has talked with Bishop Ford and asked him if he would be our guide to Pipe Springs and Kanab. The Bishop will get back to us on a firm answer and date. It will be a full day. We leave Harmony Valley early in the morning, travel to Pipe Springs, then Kanab, then Mount Carmel, over the mountain to Cedar City and end up at Matheson’s to observe his collection.

Lyman said also that Bishop Ford reported the Land Use Development Management Act or LUDMA which just passed the legislature. Basically, it means that the county can’t stop land development unless there are health, safety and security issues. If not, the county has to do everything they can to facilitate development. Development cannot be denied because someone doesn’t want builders in the area.

Jim said that we have a new fire Marshall and he has told Jim that if we have a need to use the new fire station we can do so.

Roger reported that the Pony Express DVD’s are available and are very good. The charge for this cd is $20.00. Everyone expressed how they enjoyed the Pony Express lecture. Roger also updated the group on changes of the website.

Vernile asked about how to get each of us signed up to do a history. Dorothy Torgersen is in charge. We are to tell her and then Roger will make a note on the website by the person’s name.

Lyman reported that he has done several initial starts with histories. These are on the website. He is working on others.

Karen reported she is working on Henry Barney and Llwellyn Harris. She also brought a box of histories that people can copy if they want to. Dawna took the histories to copy this time around. We want to purchase Rufus Allen’s book if we can get copies and Sheldon Grant’s when it is published again. Karen has copies she will loan out. They are also in the library.

Lyman reported that we found Kelsey’s Ranch and the site of the first Fort. We found several boards and nails and the old road. There were also many logs which looked like these had been used for a corral. We found a ditch and a place where it looks like a holding pond was made. We need to go back with a group to look for pottery. Donna Mackert turned over a horse shoe she found at the site.

The Fort barn was located, Dawna looked at the site and suggested we measure it, mark it off and do a GPS reading on it. We found clinker, metal and a piece of pottery. Looks like there was a blacksmith shop located there. Dawna found another site on the west side of the wash with a rock foundation and pottery. We need to go back and look at that site and determine what it was. Perhaps it was the school or the bowery.

Lyman reported that the monthly lecture will be Al Matheson on the Spanish Trails navigating system. He has some of the old instruments that show how they measure distance and location. The lecture will be April 24th at 7 PM at the library.

Edwina reported that she is done with the power point. She has made a DVD for others to see the vision. She thought we could put it on the website.

Edwina reported that we should look at the possibility of having a fund-raising dinner; either charge for it or don’t charge for it and give out invitations with RSVP. We will show what we are doing at the Fort site, have some entertainment and other activities. She also suggested a Friday night move for families. Date May 23 right after school is out.

Boyd was concerned that we are going to loose momentum if we do something different than we have done the past two years.

Karen said we can have something inside the Fort but it would have to be limited. We can have a movie for families and we can have a dinner in someone’s barn. But we can’t have a pageant because Joan isn’t well enough and we don’t have electricity and bathrooms at the Fort site unless we have something when the library is open and that is just too much trouble. We have to consider that with some events, we have to buy insurance for that day, it is about $300.

Edwina agreed that a fund raising dinner would be workable but wanted a vote on charging for it or not and selling raffles. Edwina wants a list of people to invite.

Vernile suggested an auction. He said these are very productive and fun.

Boyd said we must get a professional auctioneer like Joe Taylor. He is the best.

Karen said we have to decide on a date, it has to be the Saturday before Memorial Day. She also suggested we have a Memorial Day service at the Fort site.

Karen reported that the 501 C 3 training in Salt Lake was very productive. FHHS is now a member of the Utah State Non-profit Association. She reported there is a grant training workshop at University of Utah, cost is $600. It is too expensive for us.

Karen reported Brian Cottam will come to library and train us on our organization. Vote on date; Vote was for the date April 24 in the afternoon.

Karen reported that she submitted the Utah State Historical Society grant and reported that Wilson Martin has invited us to write a grant for some pork barrel state funding. Wilson Martin is State Preservation Officer. He was extremely helpful. Karen has looked at the grant requirements and will be working on it.

Dawna reminded us that May is Utah Prehistory Week, May 3-10, 2008. It is the 20 year anniversary.

Remember these dates:

April 24 - Brian Cottam training, FHHS meeting and Al Matheson Lecture.

May 23 - tentative plans for a family movie.

May 24 - fund raising dinner

May 26 - Memorial Day - memorial services at the Fort site

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