Sept 9th, 2008 Minutes




Brian Cottam from SUU, Regional Services, met with Lyman & Karen Platt, Edwina Jones, Mac McDonald and Vernile Prince to formulate a plan to approach Southern Utah University, Brigham Young University , state and local government. It was decided that we would compile a proposal with many pictures to take to these people and be prepared to show our DVD.

Brian told us that Barry Nash from Trust for Public Lands would be visiting Southern Utah on Monday. Vernile suggested we invite them to the site and then cook dinner for them. It was agreed for Monday, September 15, at 6 PM at Verniles. Karen & Edwina will bring salad and Rochelle will bring rolls. Vernile will provide the rest of the dinner. He asked each person to bring chairs.

We also agreed that when we go visit Southern Utah University, Jerry Sherrat and Mike Empey that we go as a group.

Karen reported that she and Lyman attended Washington County Historical Society meeting for September. Washington County Historical Society suggested that since none of us get a good turnout for the monthly lectures, we should hold one monthly in each community and all of us support that endeavor. Fort Harmony was chosen as the first one.

We also discussed the website for Washington County and suggestion was made to provide a link to other sites.

Applefest: It was decided that we would have a table and items to display and sale at the upcoming Applefest in October.

Flyers- Edwina reported that she has completed the flyers for FHHS, printed 1000 and distributed about 100.

Financial Update – Lyman reported that we spent $500.06 for the printing the flyers which was paid from the county account. He also reported that we received a donation of $500.00 from a local person.

Purchasing Property – Lyman asked for a vote to meet with Schmutz family to see if we can carry a contract to purchase the 2 ½ acres of property west of the Fort across the ditch since we have water rights lined up.

Change meeting time – Rachelle asked that we change the meeting time to the evening because of the conflict with school. Vernile also suggested we change the time. Edwina proposed that we do so, it was seconded by Karen Platt. It was decided that we would meet at 6:30 PM at the library on the first Thursday of the month.

Karen checked on the status of the rock at the Fort. Bishop said they want us to come up with a simple design.

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