Oct 2nd, 2008 Minutes

Fort Harmony Historical Society
October 2, 2008 Meeting


1. SUU wants to come out again sometime this month. They want to come to the library have a power point/DVD show, short lecture and tour the Fort. Lyman and I can be here for October 18 or October 25. We need to vote on a preferred date.

We have set aside two possible dates for #1, October 25 is the preferred date and October 18 is the second choice.

2. On November 1 at 10 am, Washington County Historical Society will be here. We need as many Board members to be there as possible. Roger needs to video tape it so we can add Fort Harmony to the final DVD which will be a similar event at every city in Washington County.

Roger will be video taping this event. We need to all try and be there because this video will be one of 15 or so which will eventually be combined in one DVD for Washington County.

3. Next week, SUP will be here for a tour and a lecture/power point/DVD show for about 30 mins. A member of their group is going to lecture on John D. Lee. They want to tour the Fort and then go to the Apple Fest.

The Sons of Utah Pioneers as planning on coming to the Fort and then going on to the Applefest. We will have a booth and will sale pictures, cds and perhaps ask for donations. I will have the picture books I have made to show people what we have accomplished so far.

4. Roger can we link our website and Washington County Historical Society?

Roger fulfilled this request. Check out the website.

5. Touquerville is trying to turn their old church into a museum.

Touquerville has agreed to give us chairs that were in the Pinto Church for our museum. Lyman needs someone with a truck to pick the chairs up.

6. The dinner at Vernile’s went really well.

We had many compliments on the dinner. We should probably do this more often and take turns like Iron County Historical Society does.

7. Jim report on the water.

Jim said he has talked to the county and he thinks that will let us tap into the libraries water system. They would give us ½ share of water from the well near the library but there is no assignments of water given because there is a law suit that has to be resolved first.

8. Lyman report on the property.

Lyman has tried several times to contact Brad. So has Jim but we haven’t found him available to date.

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