Oct 30th, 2008 Minutes

October 30, 2008
Monthly Meeting held at library at 5PM

MINUTES: Those in attendance were Edwina, Sharon, Dorothy, Roger, Mac, Karen, Lyman, & Vernile


1. No meetings in November or December unless it is emergency.

2. Roger report on presentation on Saturday: Roger reported that he was putting together a DVD for the lecture for the Washington County Historical Society. Group agreed on an agenda: Lyman would open, Roger would show DVD, Edwina would tell the Blue Willow Story, Karen would fill in and Lyman would end with questions from audience, then would file out to Fort for a tour. Roger made copies of all of our discs. He is considering doing the DVD for Washington County and will talk with Connie Childs when she comes to the tour on Saturday.

3. Lyman report on SUP of St. George: The SUP meeting from St. George went very well. There are people that want to help us. We asked them if they would consider documenting the remains of the houses at Hamblin and agreed to have FHHS help. They will look into it.

4. Karen report on SUP of Cedar City: Al Matheson told Karen that he would arrange for the SUP in Cedar City to put up a monument at the Fort. Karen and he will work out the details until it is time for a final vote.

5. Jim report on water: Jim was not at the meeting but he reported previously that the county has approved a line of water to the Fort. Lyman marked where he wanted the water to go. As soon as the water is in, we will be planting some trees and bushes.

6. Karen reported on property and acquisition of funds. Karen has contacted a person to ask for funding to purchase property. The request is under advisement. Lyman, Edwina and Jack Sawyer presented a proposal.

7. Lyman financial report on Applefest: We made about $120.00 at the Applefest. It was a cold day, but we had many people come buy and talk to us. It was a very productive event in many ways.

8. Edwina report: Edwina has come up with a drawing for the rock at the Fort. She has received many compliments on her flyer. We have given the flyer out to several places and many people pick it up. It has been very successful.

9. Bill Hirchi event: The open house at the Bill Hirchi ranch will be from 12 – 3 PM on Saturday. FHHS is encouraged to attend.

10. Karen report on SUU: SUU is very interested in working out an agreement with us and BYU to complete the archaeological dig. Soon we will set up an appointment with Pres. Benson and then contact Pres. Samulsen at BYU. Karen will also be writing up a proposal for funds and final

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