Mar 27th, 2008 Minutes


Fort Harmony Historical Society Minutes
March 27, 2008

Meeting started at 4:40 PM
Meeting held at the New Harmony Valley Library

Those is attendance: Lyman, Jim, Karen, Vernile, Rachell, Roger, Sharon, and Dorothy.

Topics of Discussion:

The Pony Express Lecture by Gary Dixon will be tonight at 7 PM at the library. It will be taped.

Fort Gate: The gate to the Fort has 2 locks now. If you need to get in must speak with Jim Maxwell or Karen Platt.

Archaeology Dig for Eagle Scout. On Saturday, March 29, 2008 Caleb Smith has organized a work group to complete his Eagle requirements. He has been working under the direction of Richard Talbot from Office of Public Archaeology, BYU.

Cade Liston’s project should be completed also. He is going to put a huge rock at the Fort and will eventually have it engraved.

Fort Picture: Pat Smith has started her painting of the Fort. Roland Lee might still be doing a painting of the Fort but we need to get the histories to him as he requested. Karen & Lyman will take histories down on April 1, 2008.

Karen Platt reported: The meeting with Brian Cottam and Barry Nash (TPL) went very well. They suggested developing a good relationship with the county. Question: Should we have FHHS lawyer draw up a contract with the county so we can be in charge of the gate and taking care of the property.

Jim M. County wants to be paid for land but it probably wouldn’t be too hard to get an arrangement with them.

Karen P. Explained the last meeting to those who weren’t in attendance (the meeting with Brian Cottam and Barry Nash).

Trust Public Land: If we want to protect the land we should purchase it.

Lyman P.: Called L. Madsen regarding buying the land. Lyman reported a problem within the Lee Family Organization. Everyone needs to remember the Atonement when discussing John D. Lee.

Jim M.: How close are we to the corporate papers being completed?

Karen P.: We should know something by May 6th. We should have an answer or a list of items where more information is required.

Jim M.: Once the organization is settled, the county might give/sell the land. The Schmutz family wants this to happen.

Karen P.: We are going to 501 C 3 training on Monday. The cost for us is $100.00 and will give us a membership in the 501 C 3 state organization. It will help us function as a non-profit corporation.

Karen P.: The Board of Directors form is signed except for Boyd and Berdeen. I will get those signatures on Sunday.

Karen P.: I contacted BYU and submitted information they wanted to help with the archaeological dig. If BYU funds the archaeological dig; 100% of the money will go to the BYU department of OPA. It is really a good situation. They also will handle all the money. We need to set up a situation where we have the team down here for at least two weeks. That will take about $8000.00 half of which the State will fund. The Fort is now under the watchful eye of the State Archaeologist which is very good. Richard Talbot said his article is almost done.

Murland Packer has an article on the Fort and has shared much information with us. We are very grateful. He is a descendant of the Davies and Groves family. He has documentation that states there were two gates, north and south and two water closets north and south.

We need to consider a brochure of information to explain what is happening. Edwina, Lyman and Roger are working on a power point.

Lyman P.: Karen and Lyman went to visit Stella Shamo. She donated 3 more items to the Fort, large crocks and old bottles. She is ready to donate other furniture because she has no place to put it. We soon could put together a Lee Family room. The Platts will store the items until we get a museum or place to put things. Al Matheson will be donating John D. Lee’s glasses and a gun.

Karen P.: We could do a Fort tour – make it a fun caravan. Start in Pipe Springs. Have pie at Kanab and end up in Cedar. All in attendance voted yes. Karen will plan it then.

Lyman P.: Lyman talked about the histories of the residents of the Fort and the visitors. Some 350 people. Karen asked everyone to take a name. For information come to the Platt’s library or New Harmony Valley library and check out the DUP & SUP books. Dorothy should assign the names. Karen will type histories. Karen is working on the Barneys and Llwellyn Harris. FHHS needs to sale more videos to get some money.

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