May 11th, 2009 Minutes


May 11, 2009

Fort Harmony Historical Society
May 11, 2009 Meeting at New Harmony Valley Library
Those in Attendance: Karen & Lyman, Katherine, Dorothy, Roger, Edwina, Dick & Shirley.
Excused: Sharon, Jim, Vernile, Laura, Becky, Ronald

Karen reported:
Vote on purchasing a PA system for our organization. The cost is $170. Roger will order it.
Reported we have a contact to publish a history of Fort Harmony and the Valley. We can assign a topic for each person. We will get started in the fall.
Jim will put in the water at the Fort. We will have three taps; one by the gate, one at the southeast corner and one by the rock
The Rock will be inscribed this week. Cost is $500. The St. George Lions is paying for it in exchange for some work the priesthood boys did. The Liston's donated the rock.
I have prepared a packet for Senator Orrin Hatch. Edwina will check it. Group suggested we include a history of Fort Harmony CD and Edwina's CD. The packet will be delivered to Senator Hatch by Leslie Moon. He lives in her building in Salt Lake. She will also visit with him about it.
I reported that suggestions have been made again that we contact state and government representatives to ask for their support and help for our Fort Harmony project and for the Mormon Heritage Corridor project. We will be doing this in June.
I have finished the MOA packet. Wilson Martin is reviewing it. When he is done we will start passing it out.
I have a Video history document prepared to protect us when we sale CDs. Lyman and Roger are reviewing it.
Roger sent around a computer generated mural for us to use. It is very good. He will make some changes and have a final copy next time.
Shirley reported on her project with the T-Shirts. She has made one for everyone in our group. Contact Karen to purchase one. We also have several for gifts for Fort Harmony Days.
Also, reported on coming up with a logo for Fort Harmony. We will have examples next time and we can vote on the one we prefer.
Edwina reported on progress with Fort Harmony Days. She will send another summary sheet out to everyone.
Dorothy reported on her progress with history of Agatha Woolsey's children.
Lyman reported on progress with the history projects. Everyone has as assignment and all are doing very well so far. Lyman will call Vernile and Boyd. We need to know if Vernile would like us to hand out a flyer to his Prince Family Reunion.
Karen is working on Lwellyn Harrison, Katharine is working on Agatha Woolsey.
Katharine said her husband will make us some business cards with each person's name on the cards if you prefer. If not the cards will be general.

Every one serving in committees will bring a pot of chili for Fort Harmony Days. Have the chili at the fire station by 1:30 PM Saturday, May 23. The chili will be judged. Samples will then be sold for 50 cents. Also will sale samples of pie after it is judged. Have pie at the station by 1:30 PM also on Saturday.
We are going to purchase a flag pole and flag. Cost is about $100. We have over $2000 in our budget. We haven't spent very much and the sales of CDs have gone very well.
There will be a tour of Pine Valley on May 16 at 10 AM. Meet at the Pine Valley chapel or call Karen for rides. Lyman will be conducting the tour for Washington County Historical Society. Visits will be to Pine Valley chapel, sawmill, Pinto & Hamblin.

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