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Deseret News Weekly
October 3, 1855

Elders' Correspondence
(From Elder James Lewis to Elder Geo. S. Smith)

Times in this part of the territory are rather hard, owing to the Loss of our crops of grain (however the other crops look well) and the scarcity of money. The elections gave the regular ticket for bro. Bernhisel, yourself for the Council, JC. Haight and I.N. Smith for the House of Representatives.

There is no building in Parowan this season, except the Store House built of stone, and is now ready for the roof; it ads much to the appearance of the place. As yet but little has been done on the hall this season.

There is a general time of health in this county, and as a general thing the people feel well and are doing the best they can; the streams are very low and we have had no rain this Summer, the country is very much parched, fires have been raging in the canyons and upon the mountains, destroying much timber and wood, as also destroying our bridges.

The iron works stopped for the want of water, they do not think of building up the new city till they get an engine to run the works, for they cannot divide the water; so I learn the crops at Cedar are light, as also at Harmony, scarely enough for the people.