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Members of the FHHS board scouting for the original Location of the First Fort

John D. Lee named the first campsite or fort site Harmony. As he observed the valley, he envisioned a beautiful place where the pioneers could live in peace. It is Harmony in the 1856 census and in the early journals. There was a fort built at the site out of wood. This site lasted two years at which time the fort was moved 4 miles north. Harmony, or the first site became Kelsey's Ranch and was in operation for many years. It is located on the north side of Ash Creek pond about 2/3 distance from the Highway 91 bridge. FHHS has located the site, it is on a bluff on the west side of the first road into the valley just before the road disappears into Ash Creek Pond.

This marsh area is where numerous springs seep from the hillside and eventually drain into Ash Creek. It is approximately 50 yards from the old Fort location.

On an elevated bluff over looking Ash Creek is the location of Old Fort Harmony

President Brigham Young visited this first site, Harmony, and requested the fort to be relocated 4 miles north. He and Parley P. Pratt marked the corners of Fort Harmony and stepped out the parameters. President Young probably dedicated the Fort Harmony site. It was to be the best built Fort in the west. That site is Fort Harmony.

Faintly visible is possibly the remains of the old road to the Fort

What remains were found at this site?

Wooden Post

Wood remains of the old Kelsey Ranch
which was located just North of the old Fort
Although there is very little evidence on the surface, this site will be a prime location for further excavation work
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