The Overland Journey from Utah to California



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The Overland Trail

by Edward Leo Lyman





The Overland Journey from Utah to California
Wagon Travel from the City of the Saints
to the City of Angels


If is doubtful if any American road has anything near the public consciousness or partly media-made mystique of Route 66, but the histories of the at least equally important Arrowhead Trails Highway, U.S. Highway 91, Interstate 15 have yet received virtually no such attention. These voids will soon be filled. When the parallel natural gas pipelines, railroad, electric power transmission lines, air traffic routes, and the interstate highway are considered together, this historic route is presently one of the most important transportaion corridors in the United States.

In an era when many pioneer trails have attracted dedicated advocate organizations that sponsor careful mapping and marking endeavors, the Southern Route from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles awaits adoption by such enthusiasts. Perhaps the increasing active Old Spanish Trail Association can broaden its interest to more fully include the wagon road and western trail segments, with some appropriate combination name for the route. The automobile highways that later followed the same general route also need to be more fully adopted by promotional enthusiasts.
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