The Fort Harmony Historical Society

The Residents of Old Fort Harmony

Here is a complied list of those who once resided at Fort Harmony.
This is not a complete list that is why we invite you to examine
and give us your input if you know of someone is missing
and if you have any information on the individuals listed here.

For those who are interested in being a part of the Fort Harmony research team
find a name of interest from the list below and submit this to the society by clicking here.
Once that it has been approved we will contact you and you can
begin your research
We greatly appreciate your help !

We welcome your comments / additions / clairifications and added information!

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Note: Those names underlined have related history - just click on the name to see their history
    (Only the first names known on these individuals)

Alma (Indian)
Brigham W.
Charles Albert.
Cynthia Minerva
Emora Ann
George Franklin
James H
Leah Ann
Marvan B
Orson A
Sarah (Indian)
Susan (Indian)
??? Mary A
??? Sarah Caroline

(Names with known first and last names)

Allen Rufus C.
Ames Clarke & wife
Anderson J.
Atwood Samuel F.
Barney Alma
Barney H.
Barney Mary
Barney Rose Ann
Batchelder Emma
Batchelder Teressa
Beauchamp Aaron
Becknell Hyrum
Berry Martha Elizabeth
Blackburn Jehu
Brown Thomas D.
Burgess Hyrum
Callahan Patrick
Carter Rueben
Chamberlain Charley
Chamberlain Solomon
Clarke G. S.
Coleman Prime
Collett Sylvanus
Conway Hornes
Cook John
Curtis Lyman
Dalton C. W.
Dalton Elizabeth
Dalton George
Dalton Juliett
Dalton Sarah Jane
Dalton Sarah Jane
Darrow Agatha Ann
Darrow Helen Dellethine
Darrow Marcus Henry
Darrow Mary Ellen
Darrow Nancy Elizabeth
Darrow Sarah Evaline
Darrow M. H.
Davies James G.
Davies Patty
Davies Rachel
Davies Rachel Andora
Davis Elizabeth
Davis J.
Davis James
Davis James
Davis James
Davis John
Davis John R.
Davis John R.
Davis John Rees
Davis John W.
Davis Mary
Davis Patience B.
Davis Polly
Davis Polly
Davis William Reese
Dickson Robert
Dickson William
Dixon David
Dixon Henry
Dowel Thomas A.
Easton Bob
Eldredge Elnathan
Flint James
Flynn James
Free Louiza
Gerber Louis
Gerber Moroni
Greaves Mary
Groves C. H.
Groves Elisha H.
Groves Indian
Groves Ira
Groves Ira
Groves Lucy
Groves Lucy
Groves Lucy Maria
Groves Mary Leah
Groves Patience Sybil
Groves Samuel
Groves Samuel Elisha
Hadden Alfred S.
Hamblin Jacob
Hardy Augustus P. (This individual is currently being researched by Vernile Prince)
Harrison R.
Haskell Thales H.
Haskell Thomas A.
Haslam Margaret
Hatch Ira
Heber John
Henefer William
Heywood Joseph L. (This individual is currently being researched by Vernile Prince))
Hoopes Lavina
Huntsman Elizabeth
Ingram A. G.
Ingram Moroni
John Sydney
Jones Nathaniel V.
Jose William
Knell Benjamin
Knight Samuel
Lee Adaline
Lee Alice
Lee Alnorah
Lee Amelia
Lee Amorah
Lee Elizabeth
Lee Elizabeth
Lee Emeline
Lee Erastus H.
Lee Eunice
Lee Ezra J.
Lee Cyrus Willard
Lee George Albert
Lee George Riley
Lee Harvey Parley
Lee Heber J.
Lee Helen Rachel
Lee Henriette
Lee Hyrum J.
Lee Iris A.
Lee J. A.
Lee James B.
Lee James H.
Lee John
Lee John A.
Lee John Alma
Lee John Doyle
Lee John H.
Lee John Henry
Lee John Willard
Lee Joseph Hyrum
Lee Josephine H.
Lee Josh H.
Lee Lemuel
Lee Louiza Eveline
Lee Lucy O.
Lee Margaret
Lee Margarett Ann
Lee Marjorie A.
Lee Martha A.
Lee Mary
Lee Mary A.
Lee Mary Adaline
Lee Nancy Emeline
Lee Preston A.
Lee Rachael C.
Lee Ralph D.
Lee Samuel Parley
Lee Sarah J.
Lee Thurza Jane
Lee Willard John
Lee William
Lee William O.
Lewis David
Lewis Preston A.
Littlefield Edwin Waldo
Littlefield James
Littlefield Mary
Littlefield Mary James
Littlefield Samuel James
Littlefield Sydney
Littlefield Waldo
Lord Mary
Lord Charles
Lott John
McConnel Jehiel
Morris Elias
Morse Gilbert
Morse Hannah Irena
Morse Tereasa
Mott Stephen
Murdock John
Nolan Thomas
Oscar David
Owens Daniel
Palmer Richard
Pamonis Michael
Platt Benjamin
Platt James
Platt John William
Powell James
Pratt Parley Parker
Price Edwin Waldo
Prince William Oliver
Prince William
Reed Benjamin
Riddle Isaac
Ritchiem Ritchie
Ritchiem Robert M.
Robinson Richard
Rockwell Porter
Rogers C.
Roundy Lorenzo
Sherrat John
Shirts Darius
Shirts Don Carlos
Shirts Elizabeth
Shirts Elizabeth Ann
Shirts Elsy
Shirts George
Shirts George
Shirts George
Shirts George Rhily
Shirts Margaret
Shirts Peter
Shirts William Derius
Tenney Nathan C.
Thomas Robert
Thorley Thomas
Thornton Amos G.
Tootapea Elijah
Tsibeekoo William
Tullis David ................(This individual is currently being researched by Vernile Prince)
Wantects Nephi
Wardell John
Webb Wesley
Williams Betsy
Williams George
Williams Mary Ann
Williams, Sarah Caroline
Wilson William H.
Woolsey Agatha Ann
Woolsey Rachel Andora 1
Woolsey William
Wright P.
Wylie R.
Young Harriett Elizabeth
Young Leah
Young Rachel Diranda
Young William

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