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The Pioneers at Fort Harmony

Parley P. Pratt never resided at Fort Harmony - however he and his exploration party of 1849 provided Brigham Young the details necessary to locate new colonys of settlements in the other wise unknown land.

John D. Lee was called to lead and organize a group of harty pioneers to help settle and open the "Iron Mission". A vast deposit of Iron ore was discovered in the Cedar Valley and Brigham Young wanted his followers to tap this vital resource.

John D. Lee and his wives moved in to a valley south of Present day Cedar City and called his new home "Harmony". His friendly dealings with the local Paiute Indians was recognized the the U.S. Government. He was later appointed a U.S. Government Indian Agent.

Benjamin and Mary Platt

Ben and Mary were from Lancashire England and had two children born in the Southwest corner of the Fort. They were part of the ill-fated Martin Handcart Company and lived to tell their story.

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Here is a list of names that are on record as once residing at the Fort.
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Sarah Caroline Williams Lee

Caroline was the plural wife of John D. Lee. Two of her two children were killed in the collapse of the wall at Fort Harmony.

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