A Resident of old Fort Harmony

Sarah Jane LEE (Aggatha1) was born 3Mar 1838 in Vandalia, Fayette, or Luck Creek near Fayette, Illinois. Sarah died 27Mar 1915 in Panguitch, Garfield, Utah, and was buried 29Mar 1915 in Panguitch, Garfield, Utah.

From her childhood, Sarah Jane had a vivid memory of the occasion when the Prophet Joseph and his brother, Hyrum, were killed, as she lived near the Smiths. When their bodies were brought home from Carthage Jail, she cried bitterly. One day the Prophet's mother took her into a room of the Smith home, which had an unused fireplace with a curtain around it and showed her the Egyptian mummies Joseph had received.

She crossed the plains with her father's company at the age of nine or ten years, walking most of the way with her aged grandmother, Abigail Shaffer, who died on the trail soon after they crossed the Missouri River. The company eventually arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1848. She lived around with her folks, as circumstances would permit, until she was fifteen years old, and then was persuaded to marry a polygamist, as the third wife of Charles Dalton. The ceremony was performed by George A. Smith. She had three children before she was twenty. She was in love with a young man when she married Dalton, so was not very happy with him. Dalton married three other women after he married Sarah Jane, one of whom was Lucinda Lee.

Sarah Jane wanted her children to attend school. In order to pay for their tuition, she cleaned Lucinda's home, as well as doing the washing, ironing, and other various jobs for her. Sarah Jane always had to work very hard to educate and support her growing family since her husband provided very poorly for them.

After many years of marriage to Dalton, and bearing almost every privation, she decided to leave him and make a go of it on her own. A bishop's trial was held and she was granted a divorce. He was present at the proceedings and gave his consent for the separation. He gave her a small one-room house, which she sold for $150.00, and applied the money on a $600.00 home. She found a job at Minersville, Utah as proprietress of a hotel and finished making the payments on the home. Dalton gave her boys a small piece of land, a team of horses, and a few cows, which they turned over to the United Order, and came out of it with nothing. This experience embittered them to the extent that they did very little for or in the church thereafter. They worked very hard, however, to help their mother until they married and made homes for themselves.

When her ninth child was about seven years old, she met and married George McCook Underwood, who had come to Beaver when the army was stationed at Fort Cameron, just outside the town. He was a blacksmith and worked for the soldiers at the fort. On June 29, 1869 she had her tenth child, whom she named Lucy. She still had to work hard helping to provide for her family. After George left the service of the army, they moved to Marysvale, Utah, to work in the mines, which were booming at that time. She divorced him while living there, because of his heavy drinking, and moved to Beaver. Underwood went to Panguitch and put up a blacksmith shop, the only one in the vicinity for many years. He was an expert in this line, and could have made money but he continued drinking. Not many years before his death, he quit drinking and threw away his tobacco, tea, and coffee.

Sarah Jane spent several summers on the Prince Ranch at Panguitch Lake, making butter and cheese, which she sold for tax money and provisions. Later she re-married Underwood and lived with him until his death. Her worldly possessions were limited. They lived in a small frame house first, and then in a two-room house across the street from the church. The third home they bought was a small house one block west of the church where they lived until both had passed away.

She married (1) Charles Wakeman-Wayman DALTON 30 Dec 1852 or 3 Oct 1868 in Parowan, Iron, Utah or Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. He was born 10Jul 1826 in Wysox, Bradford, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Simon Cooker DALTON and Annabella. Charles died 18Jun 1883 in Beaver, Beaver, Utah.

They had 9 children:

Sarah married George McCook UNDERWOOD about 1877 in Beaver, Beaver, Utah. He was born 25Dec 1830 in West Middleburg, Columbiana, Ohio. He was the son of Jacob UNDERWOOD and Nancy VIA. George died 3Jun 1912 in Panguitch, Garfield, Utah, and was buried 5Jun 1912 in Panguitch, Garfield, Utah.

They had 1 child:

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