A Resident of old Fort Harmony



Marcus Henry Darrow was born November 25, 1938 at Mina, Chautauqua, New York, son of Syms Birus Darrow and Hannah Humphrey.

Marcus Henry Darrow and Mary Adeline Lee had twelve children, five of them born in the time period of the Ft. Harmony/Harmony Valley biographical study. They were Agatha Ann Darrow (q.v.); Mary Ellen Darrow (q.v.); Nancy Elizabeth Darrow (q.v.); Sarah Evaline Darrow (q.v.); and Helen Dellethine Darrow (q.v.). The other children were Hannah Ann Dora Darrow, born June 15, 1871; Margaret Eliza Darrow, born March 29, 1873; Marcus Ezra Darrow, born March 7, 1875; Edith Estella Darrow, born August 24, 1877, and two others found on page 105 of the reference below, but unavailable at this time.