A Resident of old Fort Harmony



Louisa Eveline Lee was born to Aggatha Ann Woolsey and John Doyle Lee in Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake, Utah on October 16, 1850. When she was six years old she moved with her family to Cedar City, Iron, Utah where they lived for only a few months before moving south, eventually settling at Old Fort Harmony. Of necessity Louisa became a very industrious women, learning many skills and sharing her many talents.

From 1857-1858 Marion Jackson Shelton taught school for the children of John D. Lee at Fort Harmony.

She married William Prince, January 23, 1868 in New Harmony, Washington, Utah. They had thirteen children, William Oliver Prince, born April 23, 1869 (died in infancy); George Doyle Prince, born June 12, 1871 (died in infancy); John Samuel Prince, born May 16, 1872; Joseph Oscar Prince, born April 23, 1874; Sarah Evaline Prince, born August 8, 1876; James Ezra Prince, born October 29, 1878; Francis Howard Prince, born September 20, 1880; Henry Garfield Prince, born Dec 29, 1882; Agatha Manetta Prince, born December 29, 1884; Hilda Vilate Prince, born December 11, 1886; Gertrude Prince, born Sept 20, 1888; Anna Caroline Prince, born Nov 18, 1890; Ludie Myrtle Ellison Prince, born February 20, 1903. Louisa died on September 4, 1932 at Panguitch, Garfield, Utah.