A Resident of old Fort Harmony

Rachel Andora Woolsey, was the daughter of Joseph WOOLSEY and Abigail SHAFFER. She was born Aug 5, 1825 in Danville, Mercer, Kentucky..

She became a pural wife of John D. Lee May 3, 1845 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois

Rachel, a remarkable woman, was as well-suited as any female could be for the frontier life that she lived. She learned to ride a horse or drive a team of oxen as well as most men. She could carry on with usual homemaking duties under the harshest of circumstances. When on the trail, she had learned how to use the resources at hand, setting up a camp, cooking over an open fire and seeing to the needs of her family. She had the ability to size up a situation at a glance, make a decision and follow through. In the home, she was organized and neat. Her son, John Amasa, said that "...she was so orderly that he could get up in the dark of night and find anything, because everything was always in its place." Although she had received little formal education, she could write intelligently, and her penmanship, though rather cramped, was easily read. A good example of that was found in the records of the Harmony Branch of the church during the years 1856 to 1860 where she kept minutes of the meetings, including the regular Sunday church meetings, and, interestingly enough, the minutes of the priesthood meetings.

Rachel died July 7, 1912 in Lebanon, Graham, Arizona, and was buried Jul 1912 in Lebanon, Graham, Arizona. A little rock-strewn cemetery located at the base of the Graham Mountain, about seven miles west of Safford, Arizona

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