The Fort Harmony Historical Society

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to establish and operate a multiuse site; to preserve and restore Fort Harmony; to safeguard and share the significant heritage found in Harmony Valley, through entertaining, educational and engaging experiences of discovery".

Vision Statement

"Our vision is to create a "gathering place" that preserves, protects and shares the inspiring heritage of Fort Harmony and Harmony Valley"



To contact the Historical Society please e-mail correspondance to: or you can click HERE

The Society meets on a monthly basis and is open to comments and recommendations that will improve the quality of service to the public

Links to minutes of our previous meetings:
April 18th, 2007
May 16th, 2007
June 20th, 2007
June 27th, 2007
July 11th, 2007
July 25th, 2007
Sept 19th, 2007
Jan 30th, 2008
Mar 2nd, 2008
Mar 27th, 2008
Apr 10th, 2008
Sept 9th, 2008
Oct 2nd, 2008
Oct 30th, 2008
May 11th, 2009
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