DVD - Cedar City History by Al Matheson

Be prepared for an hour of fascinating history on Cedar City and the surrounding area. You'll find your self viewing this video more than once to catch all the information that Al eloquently covers. The tour takes place at four unique history sites and Al's colorful narration makes it all come to life.

This field trip was sponsored by the New Harmony Book Club in 2003.


Al Matheson

     Video Highlights

* The Kanarra Loam
* Facts of Tipper Road
* Indian Petroglyphs
* Old Lake Bonneville
* Coal Mining
* Crash of the B-24
* The Old Co-op Mill
* Ancient Hieroglyphics
* Cedar Canyon Railroad
* John D. Lee
* The Flood of 1960
* The Lost Gold Vault
* Plus many Historical Facts

The DVD comes with a designer bookshelf case for $15.00

Your purchase is considered a donation to the Fort Harmony Society

The old Coal Tipper