DVD - The Civil War by Al Cooper

Al Cooper

Who was the mastermind behind the resultant victory of the North? Al Cooper - a well versed Civil War historian - presents a fascinating story of the person who - with no military experience or training - directed the Union to victory.

He also points out the many new innovations that were introduced for the fist time in warfare. Was this war necessary? Was it unpreventable? Al answers these questions and he has surprising answers to these perplexing questions.

This video will make you more informed on the real facts behind the struggle between the Union and the Confederacy.

            Video  Highlights

* Joseph Smith's Revelation
* U.S. Grant - Not his real initials
* The Repeating Rifle introduction
* The Mormon involvement
* The "Slavery" Curse
* The Noble Cause of the South
* The 'Northern Aggression' View
* The Scenario behind the first shot
* Lincoln's attitude of Brigham Young
* The Dread Scott Case
* Much much more!

You get a 98 minute video of the entire talk as given to a live audience at the New Harmony Library. This includes questions from the audience and the speaker's answers.
The DVD comes with a dvd bookshelf case.