DVD - Fort Harmony Tour by Lyman Platt

Lyman Platt

This video is an actual on-site tour of the Fort shortly after the foundation was exposed in 2006. Lyman Platt relates the stories of his own relatives who lived at the Fort. A walk around tour of the Fort shows the old foundation and some of the room dividers.
The tour also covers the New Harmony Cemetery or what is generally known as the "Lee Cemetery". Most interesting are comments from the group participants who add their own interesting pioneer stories.

          40 minutes in length

The Lee Cemetery

            Video  Highlights

* On site tour of the Fort perimeter
* Fort Foundation walls and posts
* The great flood of 1862
* The tragedy of Lee's two children
* Tour of the Lee Cemetery
* The mysterious "Wooden Cross"
* Tales of the Lee's Family
* The Limestone Kiln
* Comments by Bart Anderson