DVD - A Tour of Grafton, Utah

Here's a great opportunity to hear it straight from the mouth of the authors who wrote the book "Grafton". Lyman and Karen Platt give us an on site tour of this old pioneer ghost town. They also show the site of Adventure - another pioneer town that has been lost to obscurity.
Lyman gives colorful character descriptions of names behind the tombstones at the Grafton cemetery. Lyman explains why Grafton occupied several different locations before resting on the present site.

This tour was sponsored by the New Harmony DUP chapter and was taken in June of 2004.

Lyman & Karen Platt

Video Highlights

* Grafton locations
* The 1862 Flood
* Cactus Pete
* Indian Wiley
* The Berry Brothers
* The Grafton Dam
* The Indian War
* Eliza R. Snow Poem

The dvd comes with a bookshelf dvd case - $15.00

This dvd purchase is considered a donation to the FHHS

Grafton Cemetery