DVD - The Spanish Trail by Al Matheson

Al Matheson gives an entertaining talk with a wealth of information not only on the Spanish Trail but also on a local mysterious place called Babylon. He gives specific directions to this place of historic interest.
Al relates the surprising degree of organization & control that the Spanish had on their trail. Did the Dominguez-Escalante expedition visit the New Harmony area? No question about that claim's Matheson. He explains why. You'll also hear questions from the audience and Al's response.

This video was taken at the HFFS monthly lecture series at the New Harmony Library. (Feb 23rd, 2007)

Video Highlights

* Babylon
* Mining processes
* Black Point Petroglyphs
* Spanish Trail     Organization
* Dominguez-Escalante
*The Canyon d'Pilar
* 1776 Crossing of the     Father's Inscription
* Answers to questions
    from the audience


87 minutes running time

The DVD comes with a designer bookshelf case $15.00.

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