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The Fort Harmony Story
Here in the New Harmony Valley lies the remains of one of the few protective outposts built by our courageous pioneers. The concept and plans originated with Brigham Young in 1854; the actual construction project was supervised by John D. Lee. Fort Harmony took years of volunteer labor to complete and played an historic role in the settlement of Southern Utah. Over the course of eight years, this adobe-type structure provided shelter and protection for over 300 frontier settlers.

Why was it abandoned so early, and what were the tragic events that unfolded during this critical time in Utah history? We welcome you to explore these pages and share the experiences faced by these real pioneers as they endured the hardships of remote frontier life.

The Original Old Fort Harmony site has been Located !
Located on the south end of Harmony Valley there is a beautiful bluff that looks over Ash Creek Reservoir and fertile farm land. This site closely matches the descriptions from recorded history.
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Fort Harmony and Mountain Meadows
Recently there has been some news about the Mountain Meadows and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/29/08). When news breaks about the Mountain Meadows, often people make an association between the Mountain Meadows and Fort Harmony and the John D. Lee statue. FHHS is asking people to not make that association because there lies in the remains of Fort Harmony, fragile historical information for several hundred people that lived or visited the Fort and it is the goal of the FHHS to retrieve and document this history of ALL the people.

The Fort Harmony Society has hosted many interesting lectures that are related to the history of Southern Utah. Lectures on the "Pony Express", "Tour of Fort Harmony", "The Spanish Trail", The Grafton Tour", "Ancient Navigation", Cedar City History" - and much more. To see our whole list you can visit our Media Store.

About our Valley
The historically correct name for the valley where Fort Harmony is located is "Harmony Valley". It is about 12 miles long by 5 miles wide basically from mile marker #36 to #48 at the Kannara overpass of I-15. Initally the Native Americans named the valley "Somato" or "the cove".

New Harmony is a small town, about 2 miles square. It is very small compared to the entire valley which is about 60 miles square. It is also the mailing address of everyone in the valley. Kolob Ranches, The Ridges, Harmony Farms, Harmony Heights 1 & 2 are located in Harmony Valley, not New Harmony. As the valley develops these distinctions will become more important.

The New Fort Monument. was installed by the Cedar City Chapter of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers. A dedicated effort of men led by Alva Matheson. They errected the Monument for the purpose of honoring the 21 men who were called by Brigham Young in 1853 to organize the Southern Utah Indian Mission.

Summer Archaeological Work.  HFFS has been invited to submit several proposals for funding to enhance the fort site and we are actively seeking funding for the summer archaeological work. The plan is to include several universities in Utah as well as local people to work together to complete the archaeological dig required by the State of Utah and Washington County.
Click here to view archaeological past work.

Karen Platt - With her passing in 2015 the Fort Harmony Society has lost a valuable member. Karen was the President and the main support for the Society for many years. Karen devoted many hours organizing the research and support for the Fort. She will be deeply missed. We also pass along our deepest condolences to her Husband Lyman Platt also a strong supporting member of the Society.

Let us all rember (Ranger) Bart Anderson
Bart Anderson a well known lecturer and historian of Southern Utah. He passed away on March 22, 2009 in St. George, Utah. FHHS has a limited collection of his slides shows and hikes that he gave freely to interested groups. The DVD "Bart Anderson Remembered" will be available very shortly.


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